Women for sobriety meeting locations

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This content is available only to members. Forming a WFS meeting for some may be prohibitively difficult, in addition to obtaining certification and a year of sobriety, the leader has an ongoing responsibility for the meeting. In her practice, Deborah provides on-line coaching and support for those dependent on alcohol or who require other services such as relapse prevention or court mandated services. Any woman looking for ongoing support and encouragement to help her stay focused on recovery will benefit from connecting with our online community. Women for sobriety meeting locations [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Pathways of Recovery: Women For Sobriety

With the ever-increasing popularity of the internet, many women are turning to online sources to help them in their recovery. Our WFS Online Forum is an excellent resource for women pursuing recovery especially useful if there are no face-to face groups in their community.

Our robust message boards and chats connect women struggling with their addictions with thousands of caring and compassionate women who share a common bond, use our WFS program, and are willing to help one another. The chat meetings are offered on different days and times across several time zones. Chats are led by women in recovery who use the program and are certified women for sobriety meeting locations chat leaders based on the same competencies that we require for our face to face group moderators.


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Any woman looking for ongoing support and encouragement to help her stay focused on recovery will benefit from connecting with our online community.

Rather, women for sobriety meeting locations are encouraged to send a donation to WFS to support this service. Many of our members use this resource along with our printed materials exclusively and successfully in their recovery, without ever attending a face to face meeting.

Anyone interested in keeping in touch with WFS news, activities, and services can also visit our blogfollow us on Facebookor read our daily inspirations hellotalk dating Twitter. We prefer that women in need of help contact our office directly for group and other information.

In addition, direct contact helps ensure that they receive the most current, accurate meeting information. If someone has been hospitalized or has returned to drinking, other members will call her to offer their support.

Meetings are run by moderators with at least one year of continuous sobriety who are familiar with the WFS program. The average WFS member is 46 years old, whitehas been sober for 4.

About one-third of WFS members are Protestantanother third are Catholicabout one-fifth do not have a religious affiliation. Length of sobriety was correlated positively with membership in WFS. Controlling for length of sobriety, length of time in WFS was positively correlated with self-esteem, as measured by the Rosenberg self-esteem scale.

Three other independent variables were correlated with self-esteem: belief in the First Affirmation, frequent use of the Affirmations and disbelief in AA's First Step, women for sobriety meeting locations. A turning point represents an event or state that made WFS members realize they needed to do something about their drinking.

The survey of WFS members found there were eight general categories of turning points: physical signs of alcoholism, emotional problems, general life problems, loss of control over drinking, being confronted about their drinking, problems related to driving, exposure to others' drinking problems and problems related to work.

On average, the turning point occurred for WFS members at age 39, it took WFS members four years to achieve sobriety after their turning point and five years to become a member in WFS. Women who had a turning point entailing a realization that their life was out of control achieved sobriety in less than average time two years. Similarly, women who had felt suicidal or attempted suicide achieved sobriety in one year. The five factors most frequently cited for attending WFS were: self-motivation, seeing information about WFS in a newspaper, WFS literature, hearing information from friends, and getting information from a counseling agency.

Nearly all, ninety percent, of WFS members have experience with AA and about one-third also regularly attend AA meetings and have for an average of five women for sobriety meeting locations. Non-AA attending WFS members are more likely to believe that maintaining sobriety is a matter of hard work having little to do with God's intervention, while those attending AA attribute their sobriety to their spiritual program. Ninety-two percent of WFS members, however, believe their state of mind is the most important factor in maintaining sobriety.

Women For Sobriety

Although length of time in WFS correlated positively with self-esteem, length of time in AA did not emerge as a significant predictor of self-esteem.

The largest proportion of WFS members to achieve sobriety in a year following their turning point were those who attended AA in addition to seeking professional help compared to those who just attended AA or sought professional help. It is the first self-help recovery program based on the unique emotional needs of women.

WFS was founded in Julyand has been helping women in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions for over 40 years. The New Life Program is extremely effective in helping women gain and maintain sobriety.

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