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Keep an open mind when it comes to age too. So I never took it personally! Signup Free Here. Started by Pector55 Views: Posts: 7. Meet single triathletes [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Our topic of conversation during our run: where are we going for breakfast?

10 reasons why you should never, ever, date a triathlete...

And while you are putting on your wetsuit, and taking it off to shower… Those are the best times to meet single triathletes up a convo with your fellow triathletes. They may even let you borrow shampoo. Conditioner if you are lucky! My response: buy a book on triathlon training, get a trainer, get a full medical physical exam which includes an EKG, echocardiogram, find a sports massage therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist… And put in the time needed for training! Thank God for Mederma!

Always carry a first aid kit with you. People have been known to meet single triathletes heart attacks during ocean swims. Please take care of your body during trainings and races! Training is time consuming, labor intensive, …. And FUN! You are commenting using your WordPress.


You are meet single triathletes using your Google account. Ranked: Best Cities For Singles. Race Reports! Updated posts. My threads. My favorite threads. Moderators: k9carthe bearDerekLalicefoeller Reply. I'm recently unattached and looking meet single triathletes not get attached again unless it is someone who understands and is willing to endure the discipline and time it takes to be a successful competetive triathlete. Just wondering where to meet those people. The online dating sites are not doing it for me.

And on those occasions when nature takes its course, even then things may not go entirely as you would wish, and I know of at least one true tale of a triathlete who wore a heart rate monitor during moments of tenderness to measure calories burned and what their heart rate got up to in case it needed to be logged in their training diary.

So there we are. Still want to find yourself a triathlete? We'd love you to add a comment! Please login or take half a minute to register as a free member. Sorry but this article is nonsense.

Meet Triathlete Kirsten Sweetland - Red Bull Playgrounds 2013

I love dressing well meet single triathletes during weekends, no flip flops, my sex drive doubles even during peak training for ironman, my conversation topic is never about my bike splits or running shoes but about life and current affairs, I am not in love with my bike, and I love having a social life. Actually date a Triathlete, there are many types and personalities. One morning, I wheeled my bike into the garage, where Neil was tinkering with his own ride, and told him I was having problems with my chain dropping.


Neil nodded sympathetically and said he would run to the shop and get some tools. He returned 20 minutes later with a bag of groceries, which he plopped on the keyboard of my laptop.

It all looks identical to the old gear, but when I point this out, Neil is quick to launch into a meet single triathletes on the finer points of Version 2. Likewise, when I tell him about a new vegan restaurant I want to try, my steak-loving guy genuinely tries to act excited about kale for dinner.


Just starting to workout for triathlon and I love it! Happy to find this website!! I'm in training for a marathon and ironman relay I'm drama free I love eating healthy I enjoy being active and healthy.

I try to stay healthy spirituallyphysically, and mentally.

Sick Of Online Dating? Become A Triathlete

I think you can achieve this by exercising, good nutrition, helping others, and being positive.

Meet single triathletes [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)