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British Phonographic Industry. He knows how to utilize great sounds and great music. It begins with the phrase, "The worst thing about crossing a line is when you don't know, you already have. It's perpetual bliss. Select Silver in the Certification field. Find your love album [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The song's accompanying music video chronicles Drake's fateful encounter with a gang-affiliated woman. When speaking to MTV News inDrake called the song's co-producer and rapper Kanye West"the most influential person on his sound", stating. We searched the samples and find out where his inspiration came from, because he has one of the best ears in music, period. He knows how to recognize great music that's not his.

He knows how to utilize great sounds and great music. So before I met him, I had the utmost respect for Find your love album West. I'd even go as far as to say he's the most influential person, as far as a musician, that I'd ever had in my life.

D had that drum beat and that's the classic, 'Jeff jump on the piano,' and Kanye started humming in my ear.

We started coming up find your love album a melody, I started crafting the music and we wrote that relatively quickly, within an hour. And it's actually a huge risk.

The Top 100 Country Love Songs of All Time

It almost feels like the song should be performed by a woman. I'm just hoping that men really hear the song and they're honest with themselves. I know a lot of men feel that way. The music video was shot with Anthony Mandlerdirector of the " Over " video in Kingston, Jamaica during the week of April 12,exclusively revealed to Rap-Up. They call it the 'gully' side. It's bad out there, real bad. They had ' Young Money ' sprayed on the gates, find your love album and Wayne ,' 'cause I came to shoot the video out there.

It was so crazy.


This dude was like, 'Original Weezy tha God! You tha boss! Weezy tha God! They love us, 'cause we show love out there. It's kind of like the anti-love love story. It's really about crossing lines, what was said in the first scene.

It's about really understanding what's right and what's wrong and it's really easy to lose that when you're the center of attention.


But when the cameras are off, Movado says he Drake are good friends. And he said, 'Yo, I want to do this in Jamaica. I'm loving that video. Mavado said that's just one of the ideas he brought to the table for the dramatic clip. Contrary to the storyline in the video, which ends with Drake's capture by some of the island's most notorious thugs — a.

Drake, "Find Your Love"

They call it the 'gully' side' " Drake said. They had 'Young Money' sprayed on the gates, 'Drake and Wayne,' 'cause I came to shoot the video out there. Although he is warned Drake refuses to be threatened and leave without attempting a relationship with Michel.

Drake is given advice by a Jamaican sage, but ignores it and says that he has to see her one last time. Several scenes are shown to imply things are going too far, including in a dancehall club and scenes of Drake and Michel, with her apparently wooing him in a room.

The clip ends find your love album Michel, seemingly with no regrets, being the one to shoot Drake as the clip ends with the noise of a gunshot. Jamaica's minister of tourism, Edmund Bartlettcriticized the video, stating Drake and others should be mindful of how they characterize the island's culture. Barlett commented to the Gleaner"We just have to say that care has to be taken by all, including our creative artists, in portraying images of our destination and people, Gun culture, while not unique to Jamaica, is not enhancing [the island's image]".

If Mavado did not do it, another Jamaican actor would have done it. There are a broad range of issues which need addressing if people from California want to portray find your love album love story like this. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. MTV News. MTV Networks. Retrieved Retrieved January 29, The Guardian.

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Drake - Find Your Love

Ultratop MTV Germany.

Find your love album [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)