How to report a dating site scammer

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Seniors' Guide to Fighting Fraud This guide will inform you about the common scams aimed at seniors and the steps consumers can take to thwart the swindlers. Taking Action If you are a victim of an online dating or romance scam, take the following steps: Cease all contact and block phone numbers, IM accounts, and email addresses. After investigating several cases, they reported that victims were contacted by a person apparently seeking a serious relationship, but living far away. Finally, and most important, they need money to put off some horrible event or to visit you to share their incredible love. How to report a dating site scammer [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Users of online dating sites and apps should bear in mind that anyone can be deceived.


Here are some recommendations to keep in mind. When love becomes a nightmare: Online dating scams Roses are red, violets are blue, watch out for these scams or it may happen to you. Roses are red, violets are blue, watch out for these scams or it may happen to you.


Similar Articles. It plays on the need we all have for love and companionship and many people fall victim every year.

What You Need to Know About Romance Scams

If the scammer is successful in persuading you to lend or give them money, they will usually come back with more and more reasons for needing more. People who have fallen victim to romance scams tend to report the same pattern. If someone you know is using online dating or friendship sites and reports any of these signs, it may indicate they are being scammed….

The scammer may be a member of the same online dating site as you or any online forum you have joined.


Google will then display any other websites that the image is on. If the person seems to have a different name on other websites, chances are they are tricking you.

This is because the more information they know about you, the easier you will be to manipulate. The scammer will spin a tale about him or herself as well.

Online Dating Scams - A Must Watch!

Eventually you begin speaking over the phone. This stage can last for weeks, even months. They shower you with compliments and claim to be falling in love with you. Victims usually report that this shift occurs very early on in the relationship — so if it all seems to be happening too fast, it might very well be a scam. Many scams originate overseas. They are in some sort of trouble.

They need money to pay for medical care, either for themselves or someone close to them. Tell them you paid a scammer with the gift card and ask if they can refund your money. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information. Search form Search. Share this page Facebook Twitter Linked-In. Tagged with: online datingscam.

Online Dating and Romance Scams

How to report a dating site scammer [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)