How to meet people from other countries

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Entertainment Like Follow. I used Meetup when I moved to Arizona - I didn't yet have a job and didn't know anyone, so I made a few good friends that way! Provide a host profile for your particular location, if you wish. Do not disclose your phone number or personal contact information until you feel comfortable to do so. With Link Expats, search members and even nationalities in specific countries, and join and organize events, such as a castle tour in Western Germany or a music festival in France. How to meet people from other countries [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

If you're not sure where to look, you can use the internet to connect with people that aren't from your country or become involved with your school's international programs and clubs.

8 Dynamic Social Networks to Meet People Abroad

If you take the cunning single lady episode approach and use all the resources at your disposal, making friends from all over the world is easy. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from how to meet people from other countries references. Categories: Making Friends.

Learn more Method 1. Sign up to a penpal website. InterPals, Conversation Exchange, and Penpaland are websites that you can use to start talking with someone from a different country. Visit one of the sites and sign up for a profile. Choose a country and start a conversation with the person. Talk about your life and how it is in your country. Ask them what their hobbies or interests are. Find friends through social media. You can become friends with people that live all over the world through social media.

Use hashtags that are popular in other countries to find new friends. For instance, if you were looking to meet people from Korea, you could type Korea to find friends. Once you find people that are interested in the same things, send them a direct message and start talking to them.

I wanted to learn more about the Netherlands and wanted to talk to people from the country. Would you be interested in chatting with me? Use meetup websites to find friends. You can find groups or make a post to make friends with people from other countries.

How To Make Friends In a Foreign Country: 7 Ways To Meet People Abroad

Visit websites like Meetup, Gumtree, and Craigslist and look for groups or posts created by people from other countries. Contact your new friend though direct message and start talking to them. I'd like to join you even though I'm not from India myself. Download dating apps. This is a popular way that people from other countries look for friends when in a new place.

Method 2.


In a similar vein, for Caro Chandancing and language meet-ups were a good point to start making new friends in the UK. But she found it harder in Japan, where most local friends were met through work.

A language barrier can add to the loneliness Credit: Getty Images. After living abroad for five years, Nayim Amari devised four main tactics for settling in: accept the other, respect their differences, learn about the new culture and meet new people.

I am also starting how to meet people from other countries new job soon, so maybe the situation will change in the near future. Many battle loneliness when moving to a new country, but an independent spirit is crucial, says David Duffy Credit: Getty Images. David W. However, I wouldn't change it at all — for me, the sense of adventure is far more powerful.

Home About us Worklife Bright Sparks. Even if you don't become besties with your co-workers, or if there are slight language barriers at first, you have people you will hang out with on a regular basis. Check out my free starter guide for getting paid while you travel! Meetup is a website where you can meet friends online through events or messaging. They have groups you can join based on location and interest so it's easy to connect with others who share interests with you.

I used Meetup when I moved to Arizona - I didn't yet have a job and didn't know anyone, so I made a few good friends that way! Couchsurfing isn't just for finding somewhere to how to meet people from other countries Not only can you connect with your hosts, but they have community events in different cities too.

When I lived in Florence there were events all the time for various activities from a general meetup, to yoga mature women categories Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with friends around the world and people back home, but one of the best features are Facebook groups.

I personally love the Girls Love Travel group on Facebook and they have separate tags where you can connect with people in certain cities.

How To Make Friends in Foreign Countries

To find these types of groups, search on FB for travel, backpacker, nomad, or expat groups and you should find plenty! If you're working remotely whether that's through a company or for your own business, see if you can find co-working spaces in your city.


A co-working space is where you can work on your work, in the same space as others who also work remotely. So you can keep up with your work but have some human interaction during your work hours! Since the "digital nomad" lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular these days, co-working spaces seem to be popping up all over.

How to meet people from other countries [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)