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When Riggs said his Chapter 3 quest goes to Balmorra I had hopes Male Consular Corso was very unhappy. Swtor flirt list [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Is there a complete list of the current Romanceable partners in the game? I like to know, just in case I want to romance someone else I'm a Male Jedi Knight.

Help Me Choose a Main.

SWTOR: Love & Lust - Imperial one-nighters

Is it worth to download if I just want to do a free account? Question about playing with friends. You can find various links on my blog with ways to contact me, depending on what accounts you have, or you can leave a comment on any post there since all comments have to be approved first swtor flirt list I'll get an email about it.

During the Bounty Contract Week, there are some contacts with whom you can [Flirt] as same gender.

SWTOR: Smuggler flirts and romances

Dekk'lar is a male contact who male and female characters can [Flirt] with. There is swtor flirt list conversation on the Empire side where you can only [Flirt] with one or the other, i.

You did notice that the consular the person writing that list played only was level 20, yes? Thats why there are so little flirting options for her.

Because she's only level 20 and probably didn't even finish Taris. Again, it's a Jedi. If you're honestly playing a Jedi with the expection of swtor flirt list much love then you're not grasping the concept of a Jedi.

Quite frankly the fact that Bioware gave Jedi flirting options at all makes me shake my head. Your consular is essentially the Star Wars equivalent of a nun. Attachment is forbidden.


Flirting is not. One of the Jedi Mastres I save is married with an adult daughter I bet he did not find her in a cabbage patch courtesy of the Force. Imagine my delight when we faced off against each other one last time, and Swtor flirt list was given the option to flirt with him as he was pointing a blaster at my head.

I couldn't resist, and before you know it my smuggler and her nemesis were sucking face on a derelict spaceship in the middle of nowhere, while Corso was presumably sitting in a corner, developing a nervous eye twitch and covering his ears while shouting "lalala, I can't hear you".

There was a BSOCK which implied even more action, though considering the circumstances of the situation, I'm not sure I want to contemplate the issue any further as it would imply that my character is borderline insane. Too bad swtor flirt list my frenemy still wanted to kill me after I told him that I was keeping the treasure. However, by that point I felt that I had got some very humorous closure to our relationship.

The only romance option that still confounds me a little at this point is Corso. I can see why people like him, as he has an easygoing boyish charm that reminds me a little of Alistair from Dragon Age who was very popular with the ladies as well. However, Corso is also annoyingly sexist. It's somewhat mitigated by the fact that he frequently shows that he doesn't actually think of women as in any way inferior or less competent.

He's just insistent that there are some things that they should and shouldn't be doing based on what his parents taught him. Mind you, you get the option to tell him off every time he goes on about it, but it's still annoying.

All I want to do is sit him down and tell him to use his brain for once, as the stuff he has been taught obviously doesn't match the reality he lives in, but I'm doubtful that the game will allow me to go there. All classes have at least one male and swtor flirt list female companion that has the potential to become attracted to the player of the opposite sex, some classes such as the Smuggler and the Imperial Agent have one or two other companions that could also have the same feelings, which leads to jealousy with some companions, and more exciting story lines.

All of the original romance options are limited to opposite-gendered characters, but swtor flirt list romance options were released in Rise of the Hutt Best value money sites and all-gender romance options were added in Shadow of Revanas well as Knights swtor flirt list the Fallen Empiresome of which can be continued.

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