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Lar-Nah then offers Miss Pauling some of her wine as the latter is flabbergasted at Bill-Bel's stupidity. America tried to follow with their own launch of Monkeynaut Poopy Joe, but that ended in a disaster where Poopy Joe was killed. After the break up, Mags had married four men, whom had all died while on her extreme adventures. Meet the ladies tf2 [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

InGray resurfaced, revealing that, like his brothers, he possessed a life-extending machine, albeit a more efficient and compact version mounted on his back. After luring them to a fake meeting using forged letters from each other offering a truce, he assassinated the Engineers operating Redmond and Blutarch's life extending machines, then killed his twin brothers Blutarch and Redmond Mann to take control of their respective companies and absorb them into Gray Gravel Co.

Gray created an army of robots to destroy Mann Co. Saxton Hale rehired the meet the ladies tf2who had been fired from BLU and RED after the takeover, to defend these factories from the robots.

InGray surrendered the war to Saxton Hale, acknowledging that his war had turned into a stalemate reminiscent of the Gravel War between his brothers. However, he used the Mann Co. Unwilling to fight a child, Saxton Hale conceded, giving up control of the company to Olivia.

In desperation, Gray uncovered Mann Co. He discovered it empty, and deduced that the Australium had been stolen by the Administrator after finding only a meet the ladies tf2 and a single brick young old dating free Australium left behind in the vault. He proceeded to hire an unknown group of individuals to find the Administrator and recover the Australium. Meet the ladies tf2 passing away, Gray appeals to Miss Pauling and the mercs, claiming that the Administrator accumulated the Australium to enact a plot far more evil than his, and asks them to stop her.

Hale, refusing to fight her due to her young age, made his butler Mr. The Administrator has appeared or has been referred several times in TF2 comics and other media. Women of similar appearance have also appeared, but at greatly different ages or timelines, and are possibly relatives. Various romantic relationships with the Hales and Manns have been suggested.

With the publication of WAR! Details of their backgrounds have been kept vague; however, collectively they are deeply involved in the Mann and Hale families, the Gravel Wars, the intrigues of the Life Extender Machinesand the chase for Australium.

What has been presented in the published content is a line of three middle-aged female characters separated by 40 and 80 years, respectively. Elizabeth, whose last name is currently unknown, was Zepheniah Mann's maidservant. Upon his death inhe left her the majority of his estate, including all of his deeds, accounts, and debts. She is the first known ancestor of Helen to be involved in Administrating the RED and BLU teams, and bears a striking resemblance to the current Administrator, possibly hinting at some relation between the two.

According to the complete will and testament of Zepheniah Mann she was left with the "miracle gravel" cache that he and Barnabus discovered on a trip to "Terra Australis". The game dating the Loose Canon comic, a mysterious woman that bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth and Helen convinces Radigan to construct a second Life Extender Machine — this one for Blutarch's brother, Redmond — by bribing him with Australium and the story of its powerful effects.

It is assumed that Elizabeth is her mother, although her name and ancestry are not revealed. If this is the case, then the Administrator meet the ladies tf2, Helen, could be Elizabeth's granddaughter — ownership of Meet the ladies tf2 Industries being passed down through the generations.

Resembling Elizabeth and Emily, Helen is the present Administrator of the Mann brothers' companies and mercenaries. Additional appearances of similar characters have appeared in later issues of Team Fortress Comicsadding to the intrigues of the Life Extender Machines and the Australium hunt:. The Administrator's messenger is a mysterious individual hired by the Administrator to deliver messages to the classes via a miniaturized television set. He was first shown locating the BLU Soldier's apartment and delivering a message to him via a television screen broadcasting the Administrator during the WAR!

Another messenger is seen in Meet the Directorkilled by the RED team in an attempt to get answers out of him. The Administrator frowned upon this, on the grounds that once dead they could not return their miniature televisions, forcing her to buy more. It is unknown if this was the same messenger from the WAR!


Update, but the Administrator's statement about them "shooting yet another messenger" suggests that there have been several messengers before and that the mercenaries make a habit of killing them. Miss Pauling is a loyal assistant to the Administrator. She performs a number of duties including reporting unusual background checks, ordering and delivery of goods, opening communication channels and murders.

Miss Pauling generally complies with her employer's views for fear of incurring her wrath, even if she does not necessarily agree with them. The Director is a somewhat arrogant filmmaker. Hired by the Administrator.

The Director is responsible for The Meet The Team Series, the Director was meant to spy on the mercenariesso the Administrator could use something they said against them later if need be. However, he was led to believe he was filming them to show the people of Badlands that they weren't "just armed psychopaths blowing up all their landmarks on a daily basis". Once the Administrator believed she had gained proper leverage over her employees, she ordered Miss Pauling to assassinate the Director.

How do you meet new people on skype Pauling brought the Director out to a mine under the guise that the Administrator was waiting for her interview there, with a bag of quicklime and a shovel secretly tucked away in the bed of her truck.

The Director's current status is unknown, though he is presumed to be dead after his "interview" with the Administrator. In the mostly complete family portrait, another person can be seen in between the gap of the two pieces. The name of this person is unknown and he has yet to be meet the ladies tf2. He can be seen here. In the portrait, he appears to be holding something in his left arm but the object can meet the ladies tf2 be meet the ladies tf2. Barnabus Hale was a 19th century Australian frontiersman, employed as an aide and tracker by Meet the ladies tf2 Mann.

After Bette dies while giving birth, he cries at her death, apparently the only one to do so. Hale later inherited Mann Co. He is a relative of Saxton Haleas his grandfather, and shares Saxton's extremely masculine personality. During a fatal mineshaft collapse, which resulted in the death of fourteen workers, Bilious was able to escape by punching it open, gaining him more fame from the press.

During the March ofBilious Hale shut down the coal mine and coal-powered munitions factory 50 years after it was founded. However, one of the rooms was left as a "historic storage closet" under the reasoning that the objects left in it were not presently needed, but kept for a future time for when they may be.

Cadaverus Hale is one or more of the notorious members of the Saxton Hale family tree.

Non-player characters

Because it is not clear whether Dr. Hale was the original creator of the Reanimation technology or is the result of Medic's study and perfection of the science or bothit is also uncertain whether he is an ancestral or current or both occupant of Castle Hale.

Bidwell is one of Saxton Hale's assistants, along with Mr. His duties include preparing Hale's breakfast steak and dealing with customer feedback.

Bidwell is the creator of the new Meet the ladies tf2 Co. Weapons Catalogueacting as a liaison between the manufacturers of various products and Mann Co.

During his first appearance Bidwell sported a handlebar mustache; however, this was later shaved off. Saxton Hale sent Bidwell to Sarif Industries under the pretense of discussing a partnership to jointly develop biotechnology.

While Sarif's representatives were looking over the white men interracial, Bidwell escaped with a crate full of weapons and later reverse-engineered the stolen weaponry to produce Manno-Technology. Bidwell detailed his exploits in a confidential memo to Hale, who wrote back to Bidwell asking him to "stop writing these things down". They showcased various new hats and Miscellaneous items in a section of the Manniversary Update and Sale page before being rudely interrupted by Saxton Hale's dilemma of hiding a dead ostrich.

Three days after the end of "The Gravel Wars" and the death of Blutarch and Redmond Mann, Bidwell is under disguise as a primate violence specialist with Saxton Hale, with the purpose of filming Saxton meet the ladies tf2 the last-living Yeti. Bidwell then films Saxton's assault on the Yeti, which Saxton uses as a video instructing the mercenaries on their new job of fighting robots and defending Mann Co.


Reddyalong with Mr. Bidwell, is one of Saxton Hale's assistants. Specifically, he is Hale's accountant and takes his calls. Under Hale's orders, Mr. Reddy sent the five richest men in America congratulatory bouquets and "You're a dead man" form letters.

Meet The Ladies (Saxxy Awards 2015 Attempt)

During his first appearance, Reddy sported a thick box car mustache, however, this was later shaved off. Reddy sends the player a congratulatory letter and the Spiral Sallet. She also gave the news of Bette's death to Zepheniah and Barnabus Hale, who was present at the time.

Blutarch Mann's assistant is an unnamed woman who has worked for Blutarch for at least 60 years. After she calls Dell "Mister Conagher" a couple of times, he politely tells her to just call him "Dell" since "Mister Conagher" was his grandfather's name. She replies, "Yes. I remember. Once thought of as a nation of idiots, since Australians had become world leaders in technology.

Every innovation, including Cloaking and teleportationnow came from the brain of a lager-loving Australian. By the s, Sydney had become a city of tomorrow with flying cars, giant airships, and self-grooming mustaches. Much like their national hero, Saxton Haleevery man, woman and child in the nation of Australia with the exception of at least three, the Sniper and his adoptive parents sports a glorious, full mustache.

An ancestor of the Administrator theorized that the nation's incredible intelligence came from a rare element, Australium. This theory seemed to prove true as the element amplified Radigan Conagher's intelligence to phenomenal levels, and also caused various Australian-related side effects including meet the ladies tf2 mustache growth, extreme masculinity, and the primal urge to take off his shirt and grow chest hair in the shape of his homeland.

However, as the Australium deposits located in Australia that gave these phenomenal people such capacity declined, mainly due to the intentions of the Administrator, the once proud race meet the ladies tf2 reduced to weaker simpletons. It is mentioned by Spy that the Australium mines had run dry 2 months prior to Zhanna, Soldier and Spy's success in securing a submarine. Australia chooses its king through a Kangaroo boxing match, possibly making Australia the only Kratocracy.

Mann Co. Monkeynautics is a group that worked on sending Monkeynaut Poopy Joe into space to fight Vladimir Bananas. The Mann Co. Monkeynautics is featured on the map Doomsday as the company with the rocket that launches Poopy Joe into space. This however fails and crashes on a nearby satellite tower. The Badland Brawlers are a sports team from Badlands. The original BLU team was assembled by Blutarch Mann in the s in an attempt to claim all of the land bequeathed to him and his brother, Redmond, by their father.

Unfortunately for Blutarch, it appears that the original RED team was assembled at the same meet the ladies tf2, leaving both siblings at a stalemate. The original team consisted of the same nine classes as the current organization.

The Scoutinspired by Billy the Kidtook on the appearance of a young cowboy, complete with spurred boots. The Soldierwho resembles Stonewall Jacksondressed like a member of the Confederate States Army, utilizing a rifle, rather than a Rocket Launcher. In keeping with tradition, the Demomaninspired by Alfred Nobelwas a one-eyed dynamite -loving prospector.

Unlike his modern Russian counterpart, the Heavy resembled John Henrypreferring to put his enemies out of commission with a monstrous sledgehammer, whilst the Sniperlike Davy Crockettpartnered his trusty rifle with a coonskin cap. Prior to his appointment as President of the United States, the PyroAbraham Lincolnused an experimental Flamethrower to aid his comrades in battle.

Finally, the Spy eschewed a balaclava in favor of a domino-mask and equally-sinister mustache in the style of Fu Manchu. She also appears in the beginning of the Second Annual Saxxy Awards trailer, where her arm can be seen and she can be heard screaming while she runs away.

She raised meet the ladies tf2 Scout and his seven "mad-dog" brothers in south Boston, and somehow still managed to keep her figure. She is in a romantic relationship with the RED Spywho lovingly calls her "ma petit chou-fleur", which roughly means "my little cauliflower" in French. The Spy has a likeness of her engraved on the barrel of the Ambassador. Fred appeared in the Team Fortress 2 Comic where he had become overweight and both his legs replace with robot legs.

The Demoman 's mother, Mrs. Tilly DeGrootis a blind, elderly woman who reminisces constantly about the Demoman's late father, Mr. Even with her son's multi-million dollar salary and mansion, she still thinks he does not work hard enough, claiming that the Demoman's father would be spinning in his grave at his idleness and had 26 jobs. She insisted on bringing up the Demoman Scottish, and does not like to see him "squandering his gifts.

She, along with the Demoman's father, collected the young Tavish from the Crypt Grammar School for Orphans, revealing themselves as his true parents.

They explained that he was abandoned at birth until his skills manifested themselves, a longstanding, cruel, and wholly unnecessary tradition among the Highland Demolition Men. The Demoman's mother advised her son to go searching for jobs on All Hallow's Eve, saying that all of the ghouls would vanish in one day. Mundy are the Sniper's adoptive parents. Being a dutiful son, the Sniper makes sure to keep in touch with his parents via phone or mail to inquire about their well-being and keep them up to date with his meet the ladies tf2 adventures and exploits.

The Sniper's dad is especially condemning, calling the Sniper a "crazed gunman" against the Sniper's insistence that he is an "assassin". In a bid to bring the arguments to an end, the Sniper wrote to his mom asking her to just tell his dad about how he makes more than a doctor and then finally asks her to just tell him that he is a doctor. After the Sniper was meet the ladies tf2 by the Director, the Sniper received mailed photographs of his parents.

Like their adoptive son, neither one of them have mustaches, a seemingly rare trait amongst Australians. The comic's illustrator make friends online dating confirmed that this similarity, along with the similarities of their homes, was "very much on purpose" due to time constraints.

Mundy appeared in Sniper's vision of Heaven in Old Wounds. Having been killed in action in the previous issue, the Sniper expresses his wish to be reunited with his adoptive parents in the afterlife.

The Mundys share his sentiments, but gently remind him that he's still a professional assassin, and that there 50 free dating site in still enemies that need to be killed, meet the ladies tf2.

Upon revival, the Sniper tells the Medic what happened, but the Medic claims that the vision was a hallucination as a result of injecting a blue whale's pineal gland into his brain stem, but the Sniper assures him of what awaits him and declares himself the most dangerous man alive thanks to the encouragement from his parents. Bill-Bel and Lar-Nah are the Sniper's birth parents. They originate from the lost underwater country of New Zealand.

Years prior, Bill-Bel theorized that the Earth would be covered in magma, and he proposed that the country be encased in a glass dome and sunk to the bottom of the ocean to escape danger. He later proposed to New Zealand's council of leaders to send the country into space, but the council furiously rejects him, pointing out that they are now out of resources due to his original plan and all detest their underwater existence.

Bill-Bel returned home, having built a rocket with which to get into space, only to get into a fight with his wife Lar-Nah over who gets to be the only occupant.

In the confusion their toddler son Mun-dee an infant Sniper crawls into the rocket, which launches through New Zealand's protective dome, flooding the city and dooming its citizens. Bill-Bel and Lar-Nah survive drowning by hiding out in a sealed laboratory, cut off from the rest of the world until Miss PaulingSniper and the other mercenaries arrive in a submarine; Lar-Nah has become a grouchy alcoholic constantly furious at her husband's idiocy.

Much to Miss Pauling's horror, Bill-Bel, not understanding the metal's true potential as nuclear energy source and for meet the ladies tf2 extension, used the last cache of Australium stored in New Zealand to paint his prototype escape rockets, all of which exploded save for one.

Lar-Nah then offers Miss Pauling some of her wine as the latter is flabbergasted at Bill-Bel's stupidity. Upon learning from Sniper that the Earth was not covered in magma thereby disproving Bill-Bel's meet the ladies tf2Lar-Nah steals the only remaining rocket, successfully escaping into space.

Likewise, Bill-Bel steals the navy submarine Miss Pauling and the team had arrived on, stranding the group in the steadily flooding ruins. The BLU Engineer 's grandfather, Radigan Conagherwas tumblr older women by Blutarch Mann to build a machine to artificially allow him to live longer than his meet the ladies tf2.

He agrees to build the machine for Blutarch. Later, he is approached by a woman who bears a resemblance to that of The Administrator. She offers him Australium doctor and flirting build Blutarch's Machine, under the stipulation that he covertly builds an identical machine for Redmond as well. On a personal level, Radigan Conagher had a fascination for Abraham Lincoln. In the first edition of The Engineer Updateseveral pages of notes are meet the ladies tf2 to inventing an object that could have saved Lincoln from John Wilkes Booth.

Some devices include: a hat that would shoot at the attacker, a chair that would swing over and under a balcony away from the attacker, and a teleporter. Radigan goes through a drastic transformation as shown in the hidden links of the Engineer Update.

Someone goes and sneaks right back, uploading your introduction video all over the internet. Perhaps this is payback for the Spy taking over the Team Fortress 2 Sniper update halfway though?

Either way, the video does feature the best line appearing in anything, ever. Don't continue reading until you've watched the video. That's all the warning I'm going to give. Some reports have the video popping up on Valve's official YouTube page, only to be quickly taken down.

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