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Since Lovestruck is full of local singles searching for love, they organize events regularly to bring them all under one roof. Also, as part of the registration process, you must provide a valid email address and an active mobile number, where an SMS code will be sent. Having a partner who genuinely wants your best can be a great motivator no matter what your field of expertise is. Lovestruck Events One particularly unique aspect of Lovestruck. Lovestruck dating site review [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

As with most other dating sites it claims it has a unique matching system and is the best dating site for you to choose. But as we know they all say the same thing which makes it hard to decide weather this is the right dating site for you or not.

This is where we want to help out. We created you then me to be a review site where real people who have had real experiences on the site can let each other know whether this dating site is in fact worth trying or simply online dating scams you should leave well alone.

If you have ever used lovestruck why not leave a quick review to let other people know if it is worth their time. Either write a paragraph about your thoughts and experiences or perhaps just answer the following questions. As per usual this lovestruck dating site review has all the social pages like facebook and twitter.

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It even has its own blog site which is updates regularly. Home About Contact Dating sites. Toggle navigation. What do you think of LoveStruck. Review title. Star rating. Tell us about your experience. What dating site do you recommend instead of LoveStruck. Leave lovestruck dating site review email to see replies to your review. Overall rating. I am quite happy with this site. So, you can find whatever you want here based on something as trivial as hair color to something as sensitive as religion!


They promise to keep you away from any unpleasant experience like spammers and stalkers. All the beautiful, quirky or spicy interactions you handle here will go straight to your Lovestruck mailbox instead of your main email address. Also, this email address will never be shown on your profile so that no one gets to send you any nasty content.

You can also block any user anytime you want if they are prying into your personal space. Once you do, they can never contact you or see your profile again. You will also have the freedom to let only your favorites view some photos from the visibility settings on the main menu.

In terms of interactions, you can wink at others and pick favorites. The most depressing thing about a free profile is that you only get to upload four photos. This is probably done so that, anybody visiting your account does not have to go through hundreds of photos to make up their mind about you, thus saving them some time.


But in this age of so many media and other dating platforms with a much larger photo-bucket per user, this feature is definitely a letdown. A paid account will allow up to 8 photos in total which is still not that impressive, but definitely better than 4 and exchange an infinite number of messages.

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Premium memberships will also allow you to join the events organized for singles. To achieve these benefits, you can pick any of is facebook good for dating three kinds of subscriptions which come in packages of a month, 3 months or 6 months.

All these packages will keep renewing themselves automatically when the term ends. You can stop that by emailing them at team lovestruck. This email must be sent from the email address you signed up with and must include your Lovestruck username. You can keep in touch with your dreamgirls or dreamguys on the go with their award-winning dating app available both on Google Play and iTunes.

These apps have been at your service since May and vibrate any time compatible members are around! This will improve your chance of getting dates, and will give you a little more peace of mind when meeting up with someone. It is always important to stay safe. If you choose to lovestruck dating site review your account at Lovestruck, you can choose between a Standard and a Premium membership.

Standard membership affords you a lot of solid services, including the ability to send and receive messages, see who has viewed your page and even enjoy discounted entry into Lovestruck events. Premium membership offers the same features, but there are a couple of extra benefits that it can also offer.

One of our recommendations in the category " Other flirts and dating sites in UK ":. Lovestruck Events One particularly unique aspect of Lovestruck. Lovestruck dating site review Dating App In addition to using the Lovestruck site, there is also an app version which can be used on both Android and iOS. Review

Go Premium at Lovestruck If you choose to upgrade your account at Lovestruck, you can choose between a Standard and a Premium membership. Quite a party going on Try out for free NOW!


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Lovestruck dating site review [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)