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Sorry I know you're trying everything, just got no idea WTF is going on here. I have MacKeeper on but I've quit it and never had it opened. It caused issues with opening Word documents from email.

There is still an icon for it present though up in the status bar that I can't get to disappear even when I quit.

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Other than that no other external software. Re: MacKeeper - that's the closest thing to "malware" anyone can ever put on a Mac. I know a guy in the Apple forums, who has written a four page dissertation on the reasons why no one should ever put that on their system.


He's been a "Mac Guru" since the late 70's. That's all I'll say about it. How to Remove MacKeeper. Here's the Apple info in case it is the trojan:.

Chrome v24 - Flash Text bug - cannot copy text in flash chat room.

Use the free Easy Finder here to help as it also finds invisible files too. Close Safari. Go to your Applications folder.

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Delete the "MacKeeper" file and empty the trash. To fully remove the program, delete the following files if they exist - IF AppZapper didn't already remove them :. Ok have removed MacKeeper, found zeobit files via EasyFind, removed all of those deleted everything in sight. Error 0 not connecting to server. Firewall in router has no rules set up anywhere adobe flash chat room. Error code 0 is an "unidentified error" but it usually happens with FTP file transfers over 4gb in size, so that wouldn't be the case here.

I'm just about at the end of things to try. I'm using a wireless router but it was working on this laptop and this router prior, maybe a month or two back.


So I have no idea what's gone on other than updates of software. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. Browser Upgrades And Support Most internet browsers will get partially corrupted over time. As a result, they may work fine on most sites and not work on others. There may also be other browser functions that won't work either. As time goes, all internet browsers slowly get worse.

We highly recommend that you upgrade to the latest browser. Once you do, you'll find that surfing the internet will be faster. You may also find that you have a lot more surfing options than you did before! Firefox Chrome Safari Internet Explorer. Install The Latest Adobe Flash As time goes by, many internet browsers and their adobe flash chat room software will become partially or partially corrupted. Actually all you need to do is click "chat rooms" at top of page on main menu, please see attached file thanks.

Evan Accepted Answer Pending Moderation. I've followed all of your directions but cannot connect any longer. Chrome, edge and firefox all say there is an insecure script attempting to run and will not allow me into the chatroom. I have updated my flash and java. What else should I try? I've allowed all permissions, allowed all scripts and still receive a connection failed error in edge, chrome and firefox. I've fully updated adobe flash chat room OS and all components flash, java, shockwave, etc.

I'll just try back every once in a while. Thanks for trying to help. The top menu line you show me is not here on my screen,but there is a hidden menu to the right and the chatrooms are avaleble there But thanks anyway Hey Evan i can ftc online dating scams you got problems logging into the chatrooms useing chrome.

I got the same message as you and the onley thing i did was to go in to my chrome menu and added intro under the allowlist there. Im using chome What can i do?

Adobe flash chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)