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I enjoyed imvu next, and the graphics were WAY better than imvi downloaded. People can find these for themselves. Really, most people who used Next believe we should work more on adding to Next, not taking away the chat rooms and such. Now, with that being said Imvu chat room access declined [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I have no control over this decision. I'm sorry, but if you do that, you risk losing a lot of people. Imvu next must remain as it is, you cannot change it. If you are finding a solution to this, it's ok, but at least make the chat stay on next. When you have found the solution, implement the change, but don't leave us without chat on next. So now yall are cutting off Chat Now yall need to fix it or most of the people that plays will get bored then never play IMVU again and ima be one of them I hope this is no offence but its true.

I hope that this means that IMVU will be refocusing and making some positive updates to both the computer app and mobile app. Can you please elaborate more on your number two point? That could mean anything. It looks like Feed is staying on Next. Google information on APP Emulators. The emulator are a little slow in loading but work well try them.

Can we just dump next and get people back on client? Next is their only means of using this service outside of Mobile. I know I give Next a hard time, but for these particular users, I feel it's a decent service to have around. Load times or not.

I'd rather wait a while to have something, than to not have it at all. Do you understand? The biggest problem is that the desk top client, and the mobile app don't sync properly together. I'm getting really tired of using the client, and being in a room, and have mobile users come in and they can't see where you are, or what your wearing, and filling the chat with "where are you, I'm over here".

Now I can't do that. Please, either fix the syncing problem, or completely separate the desk top client from the mobile app. What the hell am I paying for VIP for if my blocks aren't going to work. Thank you! It will not run apps from the App Store, only what apps iPadian has made available for it. IMVU is not available for it. What they should do for Next is really make the chats so much better by making them more like the app.

Not the exact same but close so people can have an amazing experience on the app and Next. Next has failed repeatedly since it's inception. Better to be done with it and instead integrate it's useful features into the client and the mobile app. Please tell me they fix next or something for a chromebook. I love imvu please fix next. I think it's shameful and sad. The imvu client is the best thing ever, nothing is better than that, stay with the client and get rid of next, pls.

I'll admit Next was a good alternative option if it actually worked properly, or at least as much as the client did. So many people were missing out on so much because of that.

I wouldn't mind seeing another alternative like chat rooms on next, but first, make sure it works properly this time. I think people using Next and myself shouldn't get punished for them not being able to make it work. I never had real big problems with it being slow. It was fine to me and I think other people thought it was fine too. If your updating it fine but don't take away Next and the chat.

Will Photostream back? The emulators, simulators banana-lators are just workarounds to generate and stir interest. People can find these for themselves. When someone finds something that works well, I am sure they will post about it. I would be happy if the resources for NEXT were reallocated for other projects. Why even bother with NEXT? The APP emulators are an inbetween alternative. Making a new 'Graphics Interface' for the desktop 3D Client is the best idea. Those who insist on running a version of things like Linux or Appleware can use emulators to emulate desktops for the 3d Chat Client.

Can we keep next tho their are a lot of people that use it and you could loose players because playing IMVU on IOS is so hard and annoying and I feel like Next is so much more convenient and easier.

I used Next all the time I really don't think removing it was a good idea as a huge group of people rely on the online features. The loading problem wasn't that big of an issue; it took maximum a minute for it to load and it's not like we lack patience. I liked the layout, it was so much easier and now I can't even enter chat rooms, imvu chat room access declined.

I agree completely with all of you who use Next. I think it was a stupid idea to go through with this idea without any warning. A few days ago I was in a chatroom, and I just randomly disconnected, and I couldn't join back. Plus, the loading times weren't slow for me. There's no point in using the Next version anymore if we can't do anything on it.

This is why we imvu chat room access declined keep it, and restore the chat feature. I rarely ever swing by here anymore, because my experience with IMVU the last 2 years has been bad for a number of reasons, including programming. Do away with it as a whole. Take Mobile back to being a messenger while you're at it. Put resources back into the client and original website so IMVU actually becomes a chat experience again. As it stands, one of the most common topics of conversation when I actually manage to get one going with randoms is "No one talks anymore.

Very few on a computer wants to have a text-message-style conversation. Many have left IMVU. All of the features taken from the original website and client that were put onto NEXT have less function and form. I wonder if I would be able to edit the chat room slots I paid for years ago if you'd stop trying to make things function for various platforms. They aren't functioning if features aren't working! And telling someone to pay how to on fb more money renew my VIP, said customer service for services already bought imvu chat room access declined shoddy business practices at best, illegal at worst.

I imvu chat room access declined 2 times to enter a room from imvu next and the load was very slow. Next has worked fine for me and we should be able to continue joining rooms for it, sometimes mobile lags or glitches, I have a chromebook right now because my pc broke, so cant use imvu with that either. Not everyone has a pc or can use mobile very well, and tons of people use Next.

If anything, Next dating site bios all inclusive cuz you can use nearly any device to log in. Its not just an emulator for everyone, and sure apps may work better for some things, and pc is obviously better, but Next should stay as an extra way to use imvu just incase someone cant use the other options.

If Next is having the chat imvu chat room access declined removed, what is the purpose of this on your post? There is no other muslim dating app australia, or if there is Imvu chat room access declined missed it. I never used the browser version much.

It was always slow for me and I am a bit surprised by those that have a pc but used the browser instead of the Client. I used Imvu Next on the website all the time while i'm on the imvu website even the imvu app on my phone too; but somehow on imvu client is not working for me because of imvu connection error.

I miss NEXT anyone else? I've been using imvu next browser more lately in the past few days since i had imvu chat room access declined the imvu app.

My problem is i can't download any apps at the moment cuz google play store isnt working. Plz fix this. How can i even have imvu chat room access declined in this game if cant join no one?

getting removed from imvu chat room

I cant install any apps at the moment. Plz fix it. People with jobs r the ones who actually can spend in the game. Think bout it IMVU n hopefully we will have the old settings back. So many people use chats and talk with friends but that's impossible without going o chats. Theres a bigger ratio of people that want the old Next back, than people who just complain about mobile even though this aint relevant to mobile or Next.

Most are saying Next works better for them, hope ya'll can understand that people sometimes can't just download the app, and sometimes Next works better imvu chat room access declined them internet-wise. It's not that we're just "too lazy" to get the game lmao. Mobile sucks. Please fix NEXT!

And if its a bit slower than expected, we're patient, it's not that big a deal. See, I wouldn't be as mad as I am now if they disabled it for improvements, and stated such in this patch.


Since IMVU did not clarify if they would ever even attempt to fix the "issue" that honestly wasn't that bad and should have been expected from a browser substitute to a downloadable client I am highly upset about their decision making, partially as someone who's only access to chat has been cut off, and partially because it came out of nowhere with a lame excuse of why they decided to kill IMVU Next chat.

I have spoken with some users and they have also had problems to join a room from Imvu next. Not everyone has the time or ability to download the app. Who cares if the loading time was slow?

It was better than nothing and the loading time wasn't even a problem but taking it away just means we can't hang out anymore. Please fix this. The IMVU next room was lot better than the mobile version.

Room and furniture are great addup but remember when i click the feed from desktop, it should lead me straight to feed instead of that home page version. I use imvu next. Im using it right now cuz its the only way how can play imvu right now.

I cant download the app atm and all cuz of google play store who isnt letting anyone how to meet singles in portland oregon nothing. My only way of being able to join rooms or invite friends over is imvu next right now.

How can i even hang out with them if i cant download the app?? Just answer me how??????? Who tf cares about loading time? What matters is that we r able imvu chat room access declined join our friends and have fun not argue like we r doing now. So imvu tech ppl fix this or many will quit imvu and u will lose cash. Nothing at all. There are a lot of great features on the client that won't work on mobile and didn't work on Imvu chat room access declined.

It's a much more immersive 3D experience for shopping, chatting, dancing, room depth not to mention purchasing, creating, opening, and designing your own rooms and other animated products that just won't work anywhere else. The app is great, Next was eh, ok I'm irritated as imvu chat room access declined because this is happening. Fix this soon please. I am on chromebook and i was really sad when it stopped working Please fix thisssss.

Its been days now and no one is even considering bringing back next? Cmon, everyone is tired of it and we want to join rooms and talk to friends again, just messaging them doesnt suffice. Most of the people commenting on here are saying the same or similar things as me; we'd just like everything to go back to the way it was before.

Imvu next was like a home for us to meet other ppl from all over the world. I knew this would happen eventually. What point is there in this "next"?

You lot need to make your minds up tbh. Okay so If that's going to be taken away, I feel like there should at least be something for Chromebook users. Everyone using Next I use the desktop client have done since its inception, I dabbled with Next, it wasn't to my liking So make valid points, calmly, concisely and then maybe IMVU and the team that manages Next may just listen.

Without chat, what will we be able to do with rooms and furniture on NEXT? Sit in them by imvu chat room access declined Buy them to use in client? Take pics for Feed? But maybe you should remove the Start Flirting poems for her tile? Some are still yelling about it, can't entirely blame them, but most of us up until now have been explaining thoroughly about why Next should stay.

I Personally love imvu and have made millions of friends on here and now its just weird not being able to make more friends or take pictures with them just because it might take an extra minute to imvu chat room access declined then pc and mobile So it would be great if the chat on Next could come back.

Also, I think that there should be some features added as well. Next did perform bad for me I am am wondering if certain phone emulators could allow users to use the imvus app on devices that currently do not have it, although I would not suggest users relying on that. We all have patience. I had problems with connecting sometimes but I would easily reload and rejoin the room I was in just before. Its not unusual, seems like the lag and such is different for everyone, for some pc lags 10x more than the other sources, and others its mobile, and occasionally Next.

Honestly, the chat feature should come back, because it seems like most people, including myself want it back to hang out with friends again.

What the others said was true as well, if possible, the shop with friends and boot option are good add ons for Next.

Really, most people who used Next believe we should work more on adding to Next, not taking away the chat rooms and such.


As for the others saying they haven't used Next much and encourage us to get the client; most of us can't, or don't have enough RAM to do so. Thats the main reason Next is so important. So what is the purpose for ppl including myself playing on Next? Dressing and messaging? My phone hates IMVU. Some people might be in my same position. Some people might not even have phones, and aren't allowed to download games to PC. Honestly, making this update, you are just asking to lose millions and millions of users.

Just fix it. But now Imvu chat room access declined can't. What is the point, honestly. I understand most people lag on VU. My chatrooms loaded fast, I had no problem joining. Then again that happens on the apps too, from what I've heard of. Please just bring it back, so i can talk to my friends.


Same it's happened to me to and if I could get an answer asap of when it's possibly fixed that would be nice. Me and my girlfriend really want to go into chats together and my laptop is my only access because of my work stuff on my phone I don't have enough storage to download.

Please fix this IMVU is one of the things that make part of my whole day. These single bahamian women should show you that we don't need it deleted. We don't have a problem with this. If the staff have a problem with it, why would they get rid of the option if members who are only able to use that are okay with it. I'm sorry if imvu chat room access declined come out as rude.

I want to talk to my friends. And isn't the virtual world website saying and I quote "IMVU is a 3D avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world and catalog to customize your look and meet new people. Now lets bold one thing in here: "Meet new people.

Chat with friends. I'm sorry I sound rude, but none of us got a warning about this. Nobody checks the updates or support client unless they actually need it. Maybe tell us with the chat thing where it tells us announcements. But seriously.


What I said in bold is now being thrown in the trash. Millions of members are probably leaving the community now. I'm not, I'm stay, cause I have friends. Being a long term user on my 12th year on IMVU, I like others who have been here for some time know how IMVU works, we offer advice when we can, I was only trying to ask people to be calm, since yelling wont make them bring it back for sure, I could list endlessly the things IMVU have removed even with yelling and protests to no avail, but eh yell away if you wish if it makes you feel better.

With the changes being made to Next. Would it be possible to give users the option of having either an animated avatar or a static one? I find the animated avatar very laggy and pointless. There is no reason to use it. But like, cunning single lady last is the point in having the Chat option there anyway. Clicks A Chatroom. I would guess the point would be that the various features on Next are only important if the person uses them.

I found the chat experience very laggy, so for me I'm glad that the chat feature is being removed because it is one less useless feature that I have to see. I would only like it to stay for the sake of people that use it, and that is all.

I can use Next to take pics, as long as that feature stays I'm happy. I only have issues on any of the platforms because of someones KBS, Next rarely lagged, and worked better than the other apps. Pc is obviously good, but mine broke so only way I can use imvu is through Next.

The lag is different with everyone, so with that considered, most that needed to be patched up on all platforms maybe not pc? Add ons that a lot have asked for too on Next like "shop with friends" or the booting option would be important to have for Next, a lot of people have said. Honestly, I'd just like imvu chat room access declined rooms back, I would join almost daily, and now Imvu chat room access declined myself, and plenty of other people, can't. Me speaking about the lagginess as well is not supposed to be rude or insulting, literally every app has lag, its impossible to completely remove, women seeking m as I said, what apps or platforms make people lag vary.

From what people have said this past week; looks like the ratio of people wanting it back is high, likely higher than the ones who want it gone. I hope you guys could bring it back. Regarding the rooms and imvu chat room access declined update. It's at least a few weeks out. Probably more. I'd rather wait before saying more. Generally good stuff as a teaser. I'm not debating if people experience lag or not. I understand that people will experience lag in whatever they do.

It's the nature of the beast if you will. I'm just explaining from my point of view that my experience of Next with the chat rooms wasn't a pleasant experience due to the lag that I experienced. I would only like to see them stay because other people used it and either found the experience enjoyable or at least usable.

Myself, I only like that it's being removed because it is one less useless feature that isn't being used and is being removed. On that note, just because I want it to be gone for my sake and not gone for the sake of other users that need or want it. Imvu chat room access declined don't just chime in and say get rid of that cumbersome mess.

I reserve my thoughts to what I have written. Which is get rid of it, but keep it for those that want it. People can make of that what they want. It is unfortunate it was so sluggish and just looked bad overall, because it opened a lot of opportunities for other devices to use IMVU. Very few of the long term, paying people, used NEXT and most hated it.

I hate that as sometimes I'm deving, chatting, and checking messages. Sometimes I'm chatting in different chats Can't do that on NEXT.

We complained about all the stuff they were taking from us and from the client I think NEXT is a bad idea I do not like it but I can understand that some people like it I just know personally when I have shown people all the other options of the client and how it functions a lot of people are imvu chat room access declined something like that.

Okay, people wbo have the apps, you have no say in "get rid of it" because you can stick to the apps, you have no reason to use NEXT if you have the apps. People who dont have the apps do have a reason to use next.

Amd i frel like what i said. That long parqgtaph, throwing away the chat p. Basically gets rid of the Virtual world experience. Honestly IMVU, bad choice. Look, if ur not supporting it can u please at least make it so we can still go into the penthouse so we can still chat to our friends as now the people ive become to be great friends with are drifting as i cant even join imvu chat room access declined penthouse, imvu chat room access declined.

I think some input from the Next team for those users that are solely Next users would be helpful Its just crazy how they shut down IMVU next for users that are affected without any warning because I cant or people that are affected cant take pictures for daily posts or be with their partners or they imvu chat room access declined be with their friends and family that they have here and then they cant accept invites because it says "Google Chrome OS cant load this page" just like the chatroom's they need to fix this problem instead of shutting people out im not trying to be rude or hopefully this takes no offence to the Officials or IMVU creators.

Since my time I have seen them get rid of voice chat, AP with real adult attitudes, They have removed the age criteria which used to be no one under the age of 18 was allowed in rooms that were made by any adult. We complained we got no where. You have to realize that times do change and sometimes some of the things IMVU thinks is a good idea and tries is really not a good idea Instead of demanding that they bring it back look for ways you can still have the chat experience without the chat rooms.

Imvu NEXT was implemented so users could chat via imvu without installing an application on their computer, sort of an imvu-to-go ring a bell? Now imvu is taking the browser experience away? What's next no pun intended? Seeing the Next team is reading these comments I will say my piece.

I travel a lot. I don't bring my computer everywhere with me and I don't use my phone for imvu because, let's imvu chat room access declined it, there is no comparison between a inch screen and a 24 inch monitor, therefore I use NEXT to chat. You are now asking me to stop chatting while I'm on the road. I will stop because I'm not going to load the useless app onto my phone.

I need my phone for business calls tyvm. I realize all businesses look at each sector of their business with regards to how much use they get, imvu chat room access declined. Big time. I'm so upset over this decision. I use IMVU next specifically when I can't afford to use the app and kill my data and battery life on my phone. I use public computers for school and work and often had IMVU on browser to keep up with friends. I can't just download IMVU on a public computer with no installation privileges.

There are people who complain about imvu Next but its mostly mods or admins and in my opinion, looking at regular users with none of those perks is more important. Looking at everyones perspective is fine, but to be either of those ranks you'd likely have a pc, so none of these imvu Next things would be very relevant if they already have the client, its for people who don't have those tools.

Thanks to whoever has said their opinion about disliking imvu Next, and still saying to keep the chat for people like us, its nice to read that some can see both sides :. Seeing the passion that has been shown i would like to ask that the IMVU Next team at least try how to find love with hiv create something for these guys and gals so they can get online still via a browser portal, thats a hefty chunk of the IMVU population there that is being cut off and I dont think it benefits us all if we lose these users.

For the NEXT only users. We complained about them taking from us and giving to something that a majority of the people did not want. Did they work with us In my opinion they could of kept photostream for the people who prefer that and use Feed for the NEXT people We did not have to log in to go to forums They didn't listen A lot of hard big time creators have left and most of what is in the catalog now are zcd or worse There is no longer any originality in IMVU June 25, at PM.

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Hey,can some tell why day by day my ap stop working,i cant wear antyhing whats in ap because imvu tell me woman seductive look my avatar cant put it on,why that happens? Thanks for repeat. Why am I loosing followers?

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