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Don't see why not. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! Geenareeno Smash Lord May 26, This is annoying and disruptive. Pokemon chat room xat [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

CoonTail Smash Lord May 5, Ok guys so I figured I'd rebump this thread I wanna start seeing whos around to start some chats on certain things like matchups and strategies for certain characters.


I know stargalaxy listed who was present in this room Ingoro Smash Ace May 5, It's here, but I'm caught up in drawing so I'll wait in the chat a bit.

Supreme Dirt King of the Railway May 6, Joined Sep 28, Messages 7, I'd rather use IRC. XAT is terrible. CoonTail Smash Lord May 6, Supreme Dirt said:. Supreme Dirt King of the Railway May 10, I'm not really sure how to set up an IRC room, I'll look into it tonight.

Natnova99's Xat! Pokemon Chatroom!

Ingoro Smash Ace May 10, I think I've mentioned this before, but if anyone wants to chat On skype I'm called: suprememelody.

StarGalaxy Smash Apprentice May 25, Ok well Im not really bothered by either so choose w. Geenareeno Smash Lord May 26, Put your Skype name in the social thread. No Battling For Prizes 5 minute ban -- Do not offer or request a battle that has a pokemon chat room xat attached.

These are also pokemon chat room xat scams, and they are not allowed. If you have a general question or request that does not pertain to trades or battles, ask in SPP. These are usually scams. This rule also includes emulators, M3 cards, and R4 cards. You may also not ask for help downloading these things.

Even if filesharing laws are lax where you live, they aren't for most people, and the SPP chat rooms do not condone copyright infringement. Anything that is inappropriate will be banned.


Ops can easily detect this and will ban you for excess swearing, so don't do it. No Clan Discussion 5 minute ban -- Do not ask people to join your clan. Do not recruit or talk about recruiting. This includes advertising your clan through mass private messaging.

Mentioning the word "clan" will result in a ban. Do not ask for other people to create a tournament. These topics pertain to clans, and mentioning them will result in a ban. This rule includes advertising your tournament through mass private messaging. No Flaming 5 minute ban -- Do not complain about other users in the chat room under any circumstances. If somebody is breaking a rule, report them.

If you have proof that someone has scammed you or disconnected when you pokemon chat room xat agreed not to, report them with proof to an active op. See this topic for tips on how to avoid scams. If someone is harassing you, report them. Sign up for free! Topic Archived. Pokemon chat room xat Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, single bahamian view media in posts.

As much as I'd like to join, I got some bad experiences with Xat. Usually tends to crash or boot me or do some other weird thing that tends to get annoying. Its virus checked so you dont have to worry.

You still have to obey the below rules. If it says 'Server not found', try reconnecting. SPP - The Chatroom Rules The following listed ban times are standard, but chat room ops may change the length of your ban to whatever length they feel is necessary. Untimed Bans expire when the ban list is cleared, which happens every couple of days.

PT Xat Chatroom?

Pokemon chat room xat [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)