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Chat rooms can be cool but the "live" factor can make it not work safe or kid friendly. Quote message in reply? I am thinking of staying in one place and plan daily ride outs. My moped sometimes cuts at low speeds or when I stop? Register with us for free to discover how we can help you to find your perfect match. Motorbike chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

New Bikers Are you new to biking? Want advice on your licence or which bike is for you? The Workshop Technical discussions and mechanical advice. Need help with your bike? Chat about it in here. General Bike Chat Anything else you can think of, as long as it involves bikes! The Gallery. General Bike Pictures Post general bike related pictures here.

General Bike Videos Post general bike related videos here. Private ads only motorbike chat rooms. Everything Else Flog your car, your house, or your hamster - anything goes. The MiniUSB socket of my pactalk slim broke out. There is an ask us a question box in the help section but I don't have faith in those.

Has anyone ever been to ady smith enduro school in North Wales? If so what did they think? Or does anyone know any school in NWUK that does similar. Having noticed that both Birmingham and Bristol allow motorbikes to use bus lanes, I wrote to the Transport Portfolio Holder in Nottingham to ask if they'd consider doing the same. Had a very full response, even though the answer wasn't what I'd wanted, he did give a pretty considered answer which I thought I'd share.

Was worth asking I guess! I apologise for the delay in my response. I refer to the recent enquiry about the bus lanes in the City of Nottingham and asking if motorcycles Impersonating plod? Returning from a journey today in the car, I noticed in the rear view mirror a police bike, all the traffic started to behave and tucked into the speed limit. It wasn't until he overtook me that I realised he wasn't plod after all but near as damn it, motorbike chat rooms.

The bike all resplendent in the familiar plod high vis, white helmet with a cam, rider motorbike chat rooms high vis, all that was missing were Ariel's and the police logo on the bike. Is this wannabe behaviour legal? I wouldn't mind betting he was riding along I don't know how long these things have been around but I hadn't seen one until last night. Although it is not their intended purposethese things make excellent bug removers for your visor. Just wondering to see if any of you have experience of having a test ride but not buying the bike immediately?

Looking at getting either a V-Strom or Versys but want to test ride them first to help me make a decision. Just wondering how much pressure the dealer will put on me to motorbike chat rooms a decision as soon as I step off the bikes? Hi guys Could I please have some advice from you. Last month, I bought a model reg Suzuki SV on miles from a dealer. This afternoon, on my way back home from work in central London, the bike died after 3 zing dating app of riding.


It started like it was coughing and jerky and finally came to a stop. The red light on the right hand side of the dash came on.

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I did let it cool down for a few minutes before restarting it which it did without any issues. However the bike died again.

It was mentioned to by in a passing comment that some mot garages may not pass them as they are frowned upon? Any motorbike chat rooms got any more info on this. AA man hero.

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On a ride out last night, about 20 riding from Crewe to the raven just outside whitchurch. One of the lads suffered a rear puncture, luckily for him the AA patrol following saw him pull in, offered to plug it and he was back on the road within 10 mins. Not motorbike chat rooms heroes wear capes, some drive AA vans wearing shades.

Hi all having issue with bike over heating first noticed problem on ride home from work bike temperature light came on so stopped checked radiator was warm n nothing so waited for bike to cool down n got home took fuel tank off n topped up coolant seemed empty Squeezed all pipes n everything to get air out n took for test ride.

It was pumping coolant round engine fine for first part motorbike chat rooms ride was frequently feeling radiator temp warm to sart off with then nothing again temp light motorbike chat rooms back on Hi All, Thanks for taking to time to stop by!!

I'm in desperate need of some help please! I came out to ride my bike to work the other day and my bike was on the floor which as you can imagine was not the best start to my day!! I have replaced the indicators no problem but with regards to the panels I am having the worst luck.

I have found some different kits but none of them seem to match the Sportsbikeshop utter jokers? Anyone else had issues with their quality control, this is the third time now they sent me broken goods and I will never use them again!

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First was gloves where their cupid dating website lining had holes in them. Then a jacket where the stitching inside that goes around the elbow pads where coming off. Now they sent me a Drift X camera that does not charge or turn on.

Hi there all and thanks for having me, I live in dorset and as u can tell by the topic im new to this. Ive just passed my cbt and am now looking at getting a cc bike. My main problem is im 6ft As a year-old, I am looking for a bike. I was thinking of buying a cc so that it can be restricted to a 50 for now and then unrestrict motorbike chat rooms when I'm However, the problem is almost every insurance quote doesn't allow me to put in a or if they do, the motorbike chat rooms is stupid high like pounds a year.


Can someone help me and tell motorbike chat rooms a way in which I can lower the insurance or do I have to buy a 50? The websites that do allow me to insure the are very high, and when I add in a Have no idea if this is in the right place lol 8- but I was doing some spray painting and I had some left so decided to lightly paint the engine on the bike and it looks ace but know it's not going to stay like that when it get hot.

What will it do will it just fade again or will it make a mess it's only a halffords can :thumb: :thumb:. Yes it sounds stupid. Biking Groups. Biking Books All Books. Network Wide Chat Lobby While this page provide access to a general chat room motorbike chat rooms with multiple groups, most members tend to congregate in the ' Network Wide Chat Lobby '. First Time Here? Biker Events.

Motorbike chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)