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Escape from reality of life that WE decide to take up responsibility for. They cannot be expected to act differently unless they have a massive wake-up call that will cause them to question their actions. Room 12, rooms. Big fish chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

She blames me right now for everything, even teh affair. She says that I want to take her "fun" away, and aht is why I am asking her to leave the game, and teh three online friends. She refuses. I am checking out some books on codependency from the library. Her family is aware of all this. A few agree with me and think she ahs a problem. Some others have said that my actions and big fish chat room after the even took place are the problem and blame me.

I told her that I could not love a person who chooses gaming and online friends over me, and I could not live with that person. Now I am the bad guy for threatening to walk out on my family.

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She did tell me awhile back tha she wanted to keep her gaiming family and her real family separate, and taht shouldn't be a problem. It is a problem, and you cannot dedicate yourself to both. Like you I have just joined this site and completely relate to your story.

Living with an addict is exhausting as there is no-one to big fish chat room on. Keep coming here, read and re-read the posts and know that even though we are scattered all over the world we are standing right beside you. I take comfort from that when the chaos at home feels like its getting too much. My partner projects his anger and feelings on to me, and then retreats into his game. He is very passive-aggressive, constantly making me the cause of the 'problem'.

Detaching yourself, with love, is one of the hardest things I've ever tried to do. We all face uncertain futures with or without our addicts. As intelligent people we try to reach them, only the fail and the frustration builds. We need to big fish chat room and stop doing this. Only today I was accused of being cold, emotionally closed and a kill joy.

Hard for me to take but my tears gave him the perfect excuse to local sexy women back to his game, which is where he is now. I went to Alanon. That really helped. I could not get the man to get sober.

He decided to do that on his own. I had to take care of me. I am now married to a man who plays games 20 hours a week. This is devastating for me because this is my first marriage, and I really love this man.

He plays for 3 hours after work on Tues.

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big fish chat room He spends ALL day Sunday and into the night playing video games. I have talked to him about this. He still does it. I am very sad and very upset, but I know that this is not about me.

This is his issue. I am going to have to make a life for myself on Sundays, Thursdays, and Tuesdays. The more you point it out the more they resent you. It's taking away their fun. You become-- in their eyes-- a nag, killjoy, pain. This world they create is fictional and does not build real relationships with family and friends. They spend so much time getting to the next level, creating characters, etc.

Some leave their spouse. The best thing is to big fish chat room enable their behavior. Take the thai flirting out, do something fun for yourself, get busy. I know it sucks. You cannot change anyone but yourself. When you change, the world around you changes.

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Like Wildstarwidow says we all face uncertain futures with our gamers. Best thing to do is attend an Alanon meeting. It's for people living with alcoholics, but an addiction is an addiction. Big fish chat room was speaking with some ex-gamers and they were really helpful. They had lost jobs and their spouses, but they stopped gaming. There are some very good points raised in this thread about taking care of yourself because you have no control over the addicts choices to game or not game.

The old personality goes out the window while they are in active addiction.

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They cannot be expected to act differently unless they have a massive wake-up call that will cause them to question their actions. I am not excusing their actions, but it's still very sad that they cannot help themselves and cannot see what harm they cause. I ask myself is there a grey area where the gamer could change relatively easily if they wanted to, where you are not certain if they are addicted or just plain being big fish chat room.

I do not know the answer and I suspect there is some overlap on some of the different cases that get reported here. Where children are neglected that would suggest significant entrenched addiction. Where spouses disagree about what amount of time spent gaming is acceptable, part of this could be down to marital differences plus the desensitising effect of excessive gaming. But I suspect most of the cases on the forum are about addicts who are out of control.

Online meetings gaming addicts click here. Parents of addicts click here for advice. Help for video game addicts click here. You know, I have said this a thousand times before, I swear. I have played video games, I have fond memories of getting up on Saturday mornings as a kid, big fish chat room some kind of junky, sugary cereal, while watching awesome cartoons, then spending a few hours playing some game like Super Mario brothers or Mike Tyson's punch out.

I think that is what MOST people remember when they think back to games.


You played for a few hours, big fish chat room some parents would throw all the kids outside to play. We would ride our bikes, swim, play ball, etc. Even with all of the advances in gaming technology, I truly do believe that some people CAN moderate their gaming, given the right game, the right person, etc The games coming out as of late seem to be MORE time sinking, more addicting, more dysfunction causing. You can't beat Mike Tyson then quit playing the game for awhile.

Even games like Farmville are making the news, as big fish chat room people are losing their JOBS because they aren't doing their work! They are farming all their land while at work!!!! I guess what I am trying to say is that if the gamer in your life isn't helping around the house, if they are hiding their game time, if they are trying to downplay the amount of time they spend, if they are neglecting your physical, emotional, or spiritual needs, it is a problem.

Don't question your better judgment! She doesn't do anything around the house, and takes her devices everywhere with her, even the bathroom. She jokes about getting kicked off the system for playing too long. That happened numerous times. They in Social of MFT for fish rooms. Well hours Science jackass a diabetes.

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