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Dr Boylan claims to be an ambassador for the Star Nations - who have recently established a diplomatic mission on Earth. Animal communicator Candi Cane Cooper May 10th, What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Beyond reality radio chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

They include the following people. Many paranormal investigation groups network and assist similar member groups across the nation and around the world.


TAPS invites paranormal research organizations into its own network, and may refer cases to them. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the TAPS organization itself. For best dating app for me television series, see Ghost Hunters TV series. Main articles.

Death and culture Parapsychology Scientific literacy. Retrieved 16 March July 26, Historic Hotels. Archived beyond reality radio chat room the original on September 28, Retrieved October 24, New York : Pocket Books. Para Magazine". The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Archived from the original on 16 January Retrieved 19 March Ghost Stories.

Retrieved 18 March Retrieved 5 October Skeptical Inquirer. Buffalo, NY. Archived from the original on 8 February Description Beyond Reality Radio is your beyond reality radio chat room Source for paranormal news, discussion and entertainment. Nov 10, Version 1. Fixed issue where audio was not playing in the background. Information Seller Jason Steelman. Size Category Entertainment.

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Ghost Tube. His book, Fifty Shades of Greys outlines his experiences in detail. Books by Scotty Roberts - https Contacting the departed - Bill Philipps - Apr 26th. SHe not only practices witchcraft but she holds a master's degree in environmental studies. Her book - Witchbody - has just been released. Beginnings of the universe - Dr. Brian Keating - Apr 24th. Brian Keating about important questions like - How did the universe begin?

Jason Hawes Interviews Jody Dean/HTD (Beyond Reality Radio)

How did life begin? How did consciousness begin? Later, Gloria Yorke discusses her book - Medical Manslaughter: Will your doctor cause your death - which tells her personal He refutes much of the evidence presented by conspiracy theorists. Second, Psychic Gary Williams talks about p Later in the program, fill-in funny flirting stories Bruce "The Shark" Markusen joins the discussion to talk about his knowledge of the hauntings in Cooperstown, NY.

In the second part of the show, Howie Noel talks about his paranormal web comic series - Tara Normal. Water witchcraft - Annwyn Avalon - Apr 7th. Compassionate Clairvoyant - Brandie Wells - Apr 4th. Strange phenomenon of the Mojave - M. Behrman - Apr 2nd. DO these findings finally solve this year old case? Tragic loss, or simple transition? Beyond reality radio chat room his son Nick died in that event, Dave has learned that you beyond reality radio chat room communicate with those that have crossed-over Life as a paranormal magnet - Dr Bruce Solheim - Mar 22nd.

Bruce Solheim about his life-long encounters with the paranormal. Some people are lightning rods for paranormal activity - Bruce is one of those people. Self improvement secrets - HeatherAsh Amara - Mar 20th. In a world of digital overload, take time to detach and de-stress.

Click here for a look at The meanings of flowers - Cheralyn Darcey - Mar 15th. We examine their documentary, Behind the Curve, and tlak about the merits of their beliefs. Paranormal investigating in India - Sarbajeet Mohanty - Mar 7th. Later in the program they discuss the "tall ones" - giants that have existed in pre-historic America.

Were the moon landings a hoax? Contacting a deceased loved one - Joe McQuillen - Mar 1st. Joe discusses who he finally made contact and how he maintains his communications. These books offer a way to enlightenment, and more. RL maintains that the effort was far more than to simply provide an interesting site for visitors. Elvis, FDR Murdered? First, Beth discusses her book and haunting experience. These mysterious documents as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls collection, may hold the keys to some of the most impor Spirituality of Animals - Elena Mannes - Feb 12th.

Elena discusses her realization that her first dog, was a spiritual creature and that all animals possess those qualities. Fascinating Facts - Charles Reichblum - Feb 7th. Charles has spent years collecting the most obscure, yet amazing dating website for pet lovers of information. Paranormal mystery: Gef the talking mongoose - Tim Swartz - Feb 5th. Energy Vampires - Lisa Campion - Feb 1st.

There are several different kinds and they all have different effects. Magick can help you - Carrissa Renteria - Jan 31st. Beyond reality radio chat room hidden meaning of our names - Sharon Lynn Wyeth - Jan 30th.


Great Pyramid hoax - Scott Creighton - Jan 26th. Secrets of the universe - Susan Masino - Jan 24th.

Beyond Reality Radio

Robotic space exploration - Rod Pyle - Jan 22nd. What secrets have these engineering miracles uncovered for our understanding of our solar system and beyond? Exorcisms - Jeff Daugherty - Jan 17th. Jeff discusses his work as an exocist and his experience and disillusionment with the larger organized religions. Making the impossible, possible - Dr Eric Haseltine - Jan 11th. Eric Haseltine about his study of the brain, and its unleashed potential.

The topics include ESP, parapsychology, subconscious thought, and more. The book is a slightly futuristic look at the country after climate-change induced natural disasters and over-reaching federal government. Psychic readings - Rebecca Foster - Jan 4th. Warren - Jan 3rd. Warren about his latest discoveries in para-cymatics - the creation of sigils using audio vibrations - and how it may connect to time slips and time travael. Paranormal smorgasbord - Dec 30th, beyond reality radio chat room Psychic readings - Debra Housman - Dec 30th, The witch of the dawn - Maja D'aoust - Dec 26th, Krampus, bellsnickle, and other oddities all make up our traditions.

Controlling out of body experiences - William Buhlman - Dec 22nd, The soul's purpose - Jonathan Raskas - Dec 21st, Psychic Readings with Rebecca Foster - Dec 16th,

Beyond reality radio chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)