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Nearly every online casino offers self-exclusion as an option, and enforcement is strict. For people who have just started to address their gambling problem, the chatroom can be a good place to meet people who have been recovering for a long time and can offer guidance, hope and support. When no chat service is available, you can also call the CT Problem Gambling Helpline directly at Gambling addiction chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Problem Gambling and Gambling Addiction

Another route gamblers can take to fight their addiction is self-exclusion. The process of self-exclusion has been around for years in the gambling industry, and allows players to fill out a form asking that they not be allowed to gamble at certain locations for a fixed period of time. This option is particularly effective for online gamblers. Nearly every online casino offers self-exclusion as an option, and enforcement is strict.

When a player signs up for self-exclusion, their account is shuttered for a gambling addiction chat rooms period, almost always a six-month minimum, and it is impossible to reactivate until that time frame is over.

There is also an effort made to prevent the creation of new accounts by the player, something that is becoming easier as technology progresses. Many online casinos also keep the account deactivated once the fixed period is over until the player seeks them out to reactivate it, a process that allows the casino an opportunity to gauge the player and encourage problem gamblers to continue seeking help.

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Everybody is encouraged to post. We recognize that there are many different paths to recovery, whether it be through Gamblers Anonymous or another path. You are welcome to share your recovery experience with us, but ask that you also respect other individuals' recovery journeys as well. We acknowledge the pain that family and friends gambling addiction chat rooms compulsive gamblers go through, and are pleased to offer a chat room to share, and support each other.

Gambling Addiction - 1 Year In Recovery

Non-identifying demographic information like your age, city of residence, ethnicity, gender, and, type of concern is also collected to understand the needs of different groups. Your phone number or other contact information is requested for a chat specialist to contact you in case of a disconnection; or in the case of gambling addiction chat rooms emergency in which your safety is at risk.

Your personal information will never be shared unless a chat specialist has reason to believe your life, or the life of someone else you identify, is in imminent danger.


Your information and chats are confidential and are in compliance with requirements of state and federal laws. Meetings are the core of Gamblers Anonymous and we have meetings every day of the week throughout the UK. Many others have taken that first step already and will welcome you with the hand of friendship Find a meeting.

Gambling addiction chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)