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Topics are typically broken up into categories. Multiple myeloma is a rare disease. The website is well set out and participation in communities is simple. I am new to this site and would love to chat about what is going on with everyone and their multiple myeloma as well as making some new friends! Multiple myeloma chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

People with multiple myeloma write blogs as a way to share their experience, and to offer information and hope to those newly diagnosed. Anyone can write a blog. But personal blogs can provide a valuable sense of comfort and compassion. As you look at these web pages, remember to confirm any information you find on a blog or forum with your doctor. Andy Gordon is a multiple myeloma survivor and active cyclist.

Stem Cell Transplantation as a Treatment for Multiple Myeloma - Mayo Clinic

He wants people living with multiple myeloma to know that there is a rich, full lifeā€¦. A multiple myeloma diagnosis can be overwhelming for a loved one. Blogroll About Winship at Emory As Georgia's first and only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, Winship Cancer Institute is a national leader in seeking out new ways to defeat cancer and in translating that knowledge into patient care. With over active clinical trials, Winship researchers are dedicated to taking new cancer treatments from bench to bedside.

Thanks Taff that was useful to hear. My base of skull plasmacytoma was discovered by accident as I tripped and had a sideways whiplash which fractured the bone and then showed a tumour behind it on MRI. I have 2 hotspots on my spine hence the chemo. I am not looking forward to such a long stretch of chemo especially if the fatigue and nausea are as bad as I have read. Am afraid I am too old for stem cell transplant but with a bit of luck by multiple myeloma chat room time next year top free dating sites will all be a bit better!!

My mantra at the moment is 'this too will pass'! I am going to a support group at the end of the month but it is a multiple myeloma chat room away - hopefully will meet someone from my area. I appreciate everyone is different but other peopl's experience can be really helpful. Thank you!

Thing about radiotherapy is that side effects can come at you months and even years afterwards, not that knowing this has any benefit, other that you may be able to tell befuddled doctors at the time.


When I got sepsis they hadn't a clue what caused it and were originally thinking of vasculitis and were going to treat with steroids. I told them to speak to my haematologist who immediately said radiation colitis, a known effect of RT in the pelvic area. Skip to main content.

Multiple Myeloma

I also work with their partners, children, loved ones, and caregivers on the journey. Nancy's site is a must to explore if you're looking for links to cancer sites for information and support for specific cancer types, for general cancer information, and there are other categories too including financial assistance, nutrititon, teens and young adult sites, and a lot more.

I haven't had time to go through her lists of links but there are certain to be numerous links there that meeting men in your 30s on my pages. Cancercare is a large USA-based organisation "that provides free, professional support services for anyone affected by cancer. There are also some online support groups or forums. Cancer Foundation at www. Look for the heading "How Can We Help You [Resource Directories]" for links multiple myeloma chat room a multiple myeloma chat room variety of resources relevant to young adults with cancer.

You can also check out The Stupid Cancer Show, a weekly radio broadcast: "70, young adults are diagnosed with cancer annually; one every 8 minutes. This is not OK! The Stupid Cancer Show is an award-winning international talk radio webcast giving voice to this lost generation I'm Too Young For This!

The Foundation and website is the creation of concert pianist and composer Matthew Zachary who at the age of 21 was diagnosed with brain cancer. Not only has he continued his musical career since his diagnosis but he's turned some of his creative energies to developing the I'm Too Young For This! Foundation and website as a " You can multiply these figures by twenty to get an idea of the numbers for the entire planet.

This statistic also includes long-term survivors of childhood cancer. Furthermore, if you add adults over 39 who were diagnosed as young adults orwe're looking at nearly two million people. But wait! There's more! Survivorship is not just about the patient! Caregivers matter, too! So if you're in the adolescents-teens or young adult age groups and you've been diagnosed with cancer at some time in your life, you aren't alone!

The Alliance is committed to promoting research and the investigation of the problem, serving as a voice for the issue and promoting effective solutions. Immerman's Angels www. Cancer caregivers spouses, parents, children and other family and friends of fighters also receive 1-on-1 connections with other caregivers and survivors.

Finding Support Online: Multiple Myeloma Blogs, Forums, and Message Boards

These 1-on-1 relationships inspire hope and offer the chance to ask personal questions and receive support from someone who is uniquely familiar with the experience. The service is absolutely free and helps anyone touched by any type of cancer, at any cancer stage level, at any age, living anywhere in the world.

Since inception inwe have been working tirelessly at both the community level and with our national partners to raise multiple myeloma chat room of the young adult cancer issue and ensure all young adults and families impacted by cancer have a voice and the resources necessary to thrive.

Surviving Multiple Myeloma - Mayo Clinic

I noticed right now there are 8 people on the site - not sure when most are on - but perhaps if we communicated and know most are on during a certain time, I think it would be great for everyone. Again, thank you for providing this site -- for not only those with multiple myeloma but caregivers as well.

Rex and Kay Kansas. It's interesting that you should raise it just now, since my colleagues and I just discussed this issue last week.


Given the increased activity we've been seing both in the forum and elsewhere on The Myeloma Beacon, I think you can expect to see a chat room being added to the site sometime very soon. You also can expect sometime soon to see one or two other changes here in the forums that will further increase the opportunities for discussion. I could see those changes being announced within another week or two.

Multiple myeloma chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)