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A recent post online recalling the most legendary netizen detective work has brought a lot of attention online recently, with many applauding the skilled detectives.


The two eventually got married. Thankfully, I had my leg lifted up, so only my foot was showing. The spoon was seriously chlling… 2.


The power of netizen detectives 5. This is why I feel sorry for celebrities… 6.

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Leave a Comment. IU is a close second tho. Reply Thread Link. Tbh I'm surprised kyuhyun and victoria dating fans don't look into court records etc. She shouldn't have deleted it and just kept it up If anyone asks, just say 'Yes, a bunch of us including Changmin had dinner, so?? I too think they are really dating. The funny thing is that SM didn't even deny they are dating, they just said they were not alone when the picture was taken,lol.

Anyway, I love them both and I hope psycho crazy fans won't cause trouble for them.

Victoria song and kyuhyun dating

I feel like everyone already knew so it's not really a surprise hahah. Who's next? So which one is true It's scary how scrutinized these idols are, though Maybe Kyu can help Seohyun loosen up. They seem to be an exception so good kyuhyun and victoria dating them if they're real. Leeteuk and Taeyeon, are they really dating? Lol I didn't want to believe it before because Taeyeon can do sooooo much better than Eewteuk but if it's true I don't really care tbh. I doubt she thought you'd analyze the reflection of her spoon.

Crazy people. The statements just make it worse though. Just say they were eating a meal together with some other friends.

'Radio Star' tries to egg on Victoria to date this fellow SM artist

Why make everything so difficult SM denied them dating, but at the same time confirmed that the guy was indeed changmin lol. About changtoria dating, hmm. I've been hearing this rumor and have seen the so-called "evidences" here kyuhyun and victoria dating there since 2 years ago, so hmm I mean she's one year older than him lol.

And before people go on saying she shouldn't have, it implicates her more - do you KNOW how scary fans are? Do you know how much hate and threats and slut-shaming they do? Do ftc online dating know how Vic has already received that before? For once, I believe SM on one part of their statements - that she was scared and deleted it.

Not to mention, she's a super private person - she has only ever taken photos of her members, her, or official things, kyuhyun and victoria dating. No, it's idiotic netizens and fans that slut-shame and try to find scandals that cause large issues. It's not like Changmin is shirtless n visiting 'sick' Victoria.

They just eat. I want it to be a couple that I don't know about. This is not surprising. This is some private investigator level detective work. Poirot would be proud. ChangToria rumors have been floating around for the past couple of years. Anyone who follows either one of them would've heard of the rumor before now.

Add the fact that Changmin, Kyuhyun, and Victoria, have been photographed going out to places once in a while has always been fishy. They denied Yunho-Ara quick a few months kyuhyun and victoria dating, even though Yunho-Ara rumors have been around since they filmed their drama together 3 years ago. But yeah, even if they are dating and I think they areI doubt Changmin would want it publicized. Nb I sent you a request related to changtoria a few days ago pls consider it. Yunho has been dating Ara for a while now.

Not surprised about this couple. Victoria, you only make it more suspicious by deleting the pic and covered the spoon! Wouldn't it be awkward for them to date?

Uh I don't think you get slut shaming. Being sexist is not necessarily slut shaming. For everyone else, I think they'd be cool enough about it. I mean, come on, he's been around for 10 years now. His fans have matured since then. YunJae fans, on the other hand, haven't. I should have clarified that, my bad. Siwon and Stella broke up early last year, I think. Basically by the time of the "Sexy, Free, and Single" comeback, Siwon tweeted the song title with "single" in all caps and everything.

I saw it! I am the game tips to find the pann posts being mentioned but they're so old I am having a bit of trouble digging them up. I will try :. Why do you think we will bash her? A lot of cassie actually like her its only the delusional ones who deny to accept the fact.

I wouldn't be surprised if they're dating tbh. Seriously, if Yunho-Ara is as real as I've always thought they are, a part of me wishes they'd go public just so YunJae fans can finally shut up and grow up a bit.

But yeah, I doubt that's happening any time soon kyuhyun and victoria dating ever. Not gonna lie, I thought Victoria pulled an IU as well I have never heard of any previous dating rumors between Victoria and Changmin though So these are all new news to me.

Stella is dating another guy right now. It's pretty obvious when Stella - Siwon broke up sometimes ago on twitter lol. In the beginning I was confused who Vic was dating between the 2 best friends but after watching a few changtoria vids I was quite sure that they're dating LOL homin is still fun to ship though, especially for the bromance. Can you not take this opportunity to kick IU yet again.

She had consensual sex as an adult And I'm a Victoria fan btw. Victoria is a slut smh she's fucking Changmin, Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi for years. I'm still trying to figure out what the fuss about this is.

Top latina dating apps mean, it's great if they're dating.

Judging from this comment: 6. It seems that some K-Cassies are cool with it. And I mean, Vic's gorgeous so why not? The only guess I can come up is that Victoria broke up with Kyuhyun and is now dating Changmin.

She had too many evidences of dating both Some netizens were a bit confused because she was still believed to be dating Kyuhyun. How is she a bitch? You don't even know her! Is she not allowed?

The comparison that that K-Netizen made was wrong, but what you said is even worse! No, no no no no. Victoria has only been dating Changmin since around The evidence for Victoria and Kyuhyun are their close friendship and affection for each other. Look at how close all three are to each other.

How could they be like that if they were in a love triangle? The only suspicious thing was that she changed the picture, not that they kyuhyun and victoria dating eating together. She took down the original pic, and photoshopped it, maybe because some fans already find out about it.

Kyuhyun and victoria dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)