Trai byers and grace gealey dating

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I love the water. We all know! I love the oldies! The low-key pair kept up the status quo: no close-ups of rings or PDA photos here. Trai byers and grace gealey dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Are 'Empire' Stars Grace Gealey & Trai Byers Dating In Real Life? It Would Totally Make Sense

The show, which also stars Taraji P. Henson as Are tay and grayson dating Lyon, has been a huge success for Fox and its season finale last Wednesday was watched in real time by However since February, the network has received two claim letters from small music company, Empire Distribution, claiming the show uses its name and logo without permission.

In response for the demands for millions and that its own artists be featured on the network hit, Fox filled filed a trademark lawsuit on Monday seeking a declaration that it has every right to use the show's title. Henson and Terrence Howard, has proved extremely successful. Share this article Share. For Real! Trai byers and grace gealey dating or comment on this article: Trai Byers and Grace Gealey spark dating rumours at a wedding e-mail Most watched News videos Couple brutally attacked in their own driveway by group of youths 'People want you to go away': Police arrest preacher and take Bible Man jumps off foot Croatian bridge and breaks pelvis Dad berates clerk that made inappropriate comment to year-old Trump campaign video bashes 'The Squad' on Twitter Man taken to hospital after wife cut genitals off with scissors Horrifying moment gang of teens brutally beat man outside hotel Mesut Ozil's car attacked by men wielding knives in London Man arrested after 'stabbing ex-wife to death with kitchen knife' Mum struggles to live without son who died after allergic reaction New Aston Martin spotted in action filming for Bond 25 Moped carjackers follow in front of Ozil before terrifying attack.

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Nicole Scherzinger stuns bystanders while doing a yoga routine in skimpy active wear on the streets of Sydney Jake Quickenden is 'set to join the cast of Hollyoaks during explosive stunt week later this year Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez are cashing in on social media pictures of newborn daughter Mia I know who I am, and I don't like to waste my time playing around.

We all have time to develop knowledge of yourself and skills that make you most comfortable and social where you can present the best of yourself. You never know if you're sitting across from the man who's going to be your husband or the woman that's going to be your wife.

You have to know yourself before it will work out. Glamour: Trai byers and grace gealey dating has such a great sense of style on the show. How does it compare to yours in real life? Trai : He does, doesn't he? It's evolving right now, too.

Trai Byers and Grace Gealey spark dating rumours at a wedding

I've always been a jeans and T-shirt guy, but playing Andre Lyon has really encouraged me to change it up. I feel like he's influenced me in a very good way. I'm 32 years old, and it's time to grow and expand. Glamour: You post a lot of inspirational quotes on Twitter.

#GraceGealy (#Anika Calhoun from #Empire) is dating #TraiByers (Andre Lyon) off camera! #BooBooKitty

What piece of advice are you currently loving most? Trai : I go back to a chapter in the Bible, and for a long time I felt like a bit of an underdog, but when I look at it from a spiritual standpoint, I know the inevitability of me being a great representation of God is completely there.


That's what matters the most to me. The thing I say to people all the time is to be still. Be still. Everything will be what it's supposed to be if you be still. Trai : I want what I'm supposed to have!

I got nieces and nephews, and I love them so much. Looking at them, how could you not want [kids]? Glamour: 'Cause they're not yours! You don't have to put them to bed and deal with temper tantrums! Trai : [ Laughs ] This is true! I don't know, it's like Glamour: So maybe trai byers and grace gealey dating get an animal first. Or start with a goldfish. It can come with you to your trailer. Trai : They die quick. I was just mentioning a puppy because it teaches you responsibility, and we're all responsible.

Hanging with my niece, Princess Faith!


Glamour: Lastly, you're about to head back to Chicago in a couple hours. What do you love most about living there? Trai : I love that city. I like to take walks when it's not bitterly cold and blowing grown men down! I love the water. It's so peaceful and tranquil to me. That's how I get my relaxation. Glamour: So did it? Glamour: For someone that didn't want to go to school, you love school! Trai : And I didn't want to!

Glamour: So what made you continue? Glamour: Oh my gosh, that's hilarious. Glamour: Did your ex get in to Juilliard? Trai : No. Glamour: What do you trai byers and grace gealey dating about your Empire audition?

Glamour: Wow. Glamour: How do you handle the onslaught of media attention? Glamour: How has it been dealing with the sudden adoration from fans? Trai : Yeah, absolutely.

Glamour: Most importantly, did you get your chair? Glamour: There's an etiquette, for sure. Trai : Thank you. She's very lovely. I'm a very lucky man. Glamour: Had you met before Empire? Trai : We met on set. Glamour: How did you know this was the right relationship and woman for you?


Both actors shared photos from the night on their respective Instagram pages. Byers, 32, captioned his snap as such: "Had so much fun celebrating gracegealey's life!!

Happy Birthday to an exquisite human being! Don't believe me? Well, here are a few reasons why Gealey and Byers make a great duo. No, it has nothing to do with the two being outcasts of the Lyon family. Seeing as they love starring in Empire and acting, then there's no doubt they also have respect for one another's careers and can relate to living the life of a Hollywood star.

Trai byers and grace gealey dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)