Pros and cons of dating a truck driver

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You can then get some leisure time to be with him more and actually experience his life being together in his days and nights like eating, sleeping in a truck which is pretty much similar to camping, showering in a truck stop and being in a different state every day. Fines are very expensive and even if it is not your fault. Before considering yourselves being in a relationship with a man who drives a truck over the road for a living then you should be ready to face many unique issues you need to deal with. Guyjax, Thanks for the input. Pros and cons of dating a truck driver [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Please do not take this article as a reason not to be a truck driver. I only wish to provide you with information so you can make a educated decision on your career choices within the trucking industry.

You must be a self-starter, independent and extremely patient, nobody will be in your truck telling you what to do and when to do it. You will always have delays from traffic, accidents, getting fuel, shippers, receivers and everything else in between.

If you load and unload within the same day you will have lost at least four hours out of your day that you will not be paid a penny for.

Pros and Cons Of Trucking

Your schedule is never one of there concerns and they will load you when it is convenient for them. Are you married, have a boyfriend or girlfriend, children or other loved ones you see regularly?

If so you are going to be spending significant time away from them when compared to traditional careers. Being in a relationship with a truck driver will make you wait until he comes into town. There is very little socializing with people while your partner is gone though you may have friends, going out with them feels quite unusual and uncomfortable.


When the truck driver makes plans for specific things to do with their loved one which needs to be on certain dates such as concerts and other events, good luck with that and when the work show up the same time they get quite frustrated. While dating a truck driver, you both will have two separate lives to live which you occasionally need to blend.

It is important to spend quality time together but understanding the lives of each other but appreciating little things is more important. That's Why I congratulate you. I say again, "Good Job for doing your research. Now get back to reading! I need my professional drivers to jump in and gives us some disadvantages you see from being a truck driver.

There are a lot of common things among the complaints but a lot of it has to do with jumping into trucking without asking questions or not taking the time to really think about the realities of trucking life.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Truck Driver

Disadvantages of Becoming a Trucker Just like there are advantages of becoming a trucker there are also disadvantages of becoming a truck driver just like any other profession.

Some Disadvantages of Being a Trucker. Half your Cons should be moved to the Pro list I am on a phone so hard for me to do quotes of your post Con list Get more sleep. Only for a short time. Most company CEO's started as drivers. That would be the drivers fault. Get your sleep during your 10 hour break. No excuse. There is no reason to drive tired. You knew that before getting into trucking.

No one to blame for this one.

Pros And Cons Of Trucking

I agree with this one. Positive job experience is positive job experience no matter where you work. If your talking about accidents then those are avoidable.

Love it. How can you say that? Everyday pros and cons of dating a truck driver different out here on the road. Have yet to see two days just a like. True I have many friends I have made while out here on the road with drivers and non drivers a like.

And relationship's at home only suffer if both people do not understand trucking. There are more jobs like mine out there than you might think. Just have to look around. Again something else you totally control. I sleep better in the truck than I do at home in bed. Everyone one knows this and accepts it. What is typical for truck drivers is that they are goal-oriented, and adrenaline driven. Always try to give new date ideas, although you both enjoy the ones that you are used to so far.


There are always new date ideas that might capture your attention, and more importantly your heart. Plan for dates that can give you the chance to talk and stay tuned to each other.

One of the simplest and yet most significant date ideas that I can think of right now are:. Hence, these dates and all the small little things are of a great significance, it shows that you choose to be with them every single day. High level of trust must be embedded in every relationship.

Pros and cons of dating a truck driver [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)